Central Customer Database for a client in the insurance industry

Central Customer Database for a client in the insurance industry

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Due to the large amount of data processed by the institution, it was collected in various domain systems, which meant that business users with a real impact on customer service and satisfaction did not have access to complete information about the customer. An additional difficulty was the multitude of companies that are part of the customer's organization. Data processing under such conditions was complex, time-consuming and error-prone. Therefore, it became a priority to design and build a solution to provide complete data about the customer, its products and marketing consents. Access to structured data would enable advanced customer analysis and maintain daily service at the highest level, streamline marketing activities, and, above all, meet the requirements under the Data Protection Regulation.


In order to meet our client's business needs, work on the project was divided into three basic stages: 

  • Implementation of the Central Customer Database - the stage involved collecting data from the source systems unaltered and processing it through mechanisms to improve its quality (Data Quality). The data was then subjected to the process of combining customers into sets according to a specified key. After passing the Data Quality process, the information was transferred to the Central Customer Database.
  • Using data from the Central Customer Database in marketing activities - preparing the data for the Salesforce campaign machine and enabling marketing activities in compliance with the RODO Act. The stage consisted of creating data metrics for key objects that will be used by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, designing a Data Model as a template for building campaigns, as well as designing interfaces with external vendors and implementing the above models in the client's existing environment.
  • Creation of the so-called 360° customer view - the tool contains all the customer's personal data, products and marketing consents, taking into account the needs of various company departments. An important part of the stage was the design of interfaces for propagating changes made by the system to the company's existing domain systems, as well as integration with the Call Center system to automate work. An additional advantage was the creation of a module for handling requests under the RODO Act. Implemented in this way, the tool enables faster and more efficient customer service. 

The introduction of the Central Customer Database in the insurance company has significantly affected the quality of customer data management in the organization, which has had its impact on increasing business efficiency and making accurate marketing and sales decisions. 

The implementation of the solutions provided the company with access to high-quality customer data and allowed it to optimize processes and costs in terms of the service, as well as communication with customers. 

The Central Customer Database is also an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the market, thanks to full knowledge of customers. In addition, our client was able to optimize IT costs and Call Center operations, improve security processes and access to key information in the organization.

Structuring the data also meant reducing the cost of handling RODO, as well as centralizing consents and being able to use them almost in real time. 

Technologies and tools used 

Java, Angular, Spring, Oracle 

Our client is one of the leading companies in the international market engaged in providing financial and insurance services. The company focuses on long-term cooperation and adaptation to the needs of clients and global trends in the insurance and finance market.

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