IT system audits
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Check the performance, security and efficiency of your systems with comprehensive IT audits. Through a combination of automated testing and manual analysis, we identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

Our experts not only take care of maintenance, but also develop systems with new functionalities. Through continuous monitoring, error detection, and a variety of collaboration models, including 24/7 support, we ensure continuity of system operation.

IT system audits - take care of the performance of your systems


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Realise the full potential of your IT with comprehensive audits

Code audits

Our comprehensive code audits provide an in-depth analysis. We assess readability, maintainability, developer friendliness, scalability, stability, and security aspects. The reports provided enable you to assess the quality of your applications, inspect your databases schemas, and make informed decisions about the future development of your IT solutions.n

Database audit

Our experts assess the architecture and data flow, checking data quality for completeness, purity, and correct use. We analyse the processes that fill your data warehouse and assess their suitability. Our extensive documentation includes detailed recommendations and discussions of our findings.

IT risk assessment

Our specialists will help you identify the risks associated with your IT infrastructure. We assess the technology used in terms of maturity and possible development costs. By analysing business risks, technology processes, and potential IT expenses, we help to significantly minimise the risk of technology debt.

IT organisational analysis

We examine the solution architecture from the system and application level to the IT infrastructure level. The focus is on the implementation of the IT strategy and its reflection in the selected services. We examine the processes involved in service design, development, and maintenance, as well as your company's information security, policies, and regulations.

Design-Triathlon method

With our proprietary Design-Triathlon method, we help you turn your product vision into reality. We define your target group and develop the values you want to communicate. We check your business objectives and correct potential errors at the idea level.

Expert advice on the Power BI service

Our experts offer advanced advice on how to make the most of the Power BI service. We analyse existing implementations and assess their effectiveness. In close collaboration, we define key reporting and analysis requirements and guarantee the quality and comprehensibility of reports.

Providing multi-industry support in building IT strategy and minimising risk

Support in the digital transformation of your organisation

Optimise your IT infrastructure across multiple technology areas, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the satisfaction of individual departments within your organisation.

Check the performance of your systems with IT audits

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