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Increase productivity and speed up logistics processes. Gain easier and faster access to data, thus reducing the costs of your business.

We build applications that facilitate the work of couriers, optimise transport costs, and allow customers to easily access all the necessary information about, for example, shipments, documents, recipients, or finances. We reduce the chances of errors and optimise warehouse space with advanced predictive algorithms and data integration.

Industry problems, that we can help you solve

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Lack of automation and digitalisation of processes

Unoptimised processes reduce the efficiency of warehouse management and the speed of the picking and shipping processes, causing downtime and increasing financial losses. We develop and implement digital solutions that optimise key processes, such as order placement, driver route preparation, and the arrangement of deliveries in the warehouse.

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Disrupted logistics processes

Inconsistent data distributed across many different systems increases the likelihood of costly errors, prolongs the preparation of reports, and reduces the effectiveness of your teams. We prepare solutions that will make your customer knowledge more consistent and bring all data together in one place to improve delivery efficiency.

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Handling orders for too long

Not having the right processes and automation tools significantly prolongs your company's most important processes - handling and shipping orders, invoicing,and handling complaints. As a result, you increase customer dissatisfaction and reduce the competitiveness of your business. We offer digital solutions including apps and platforms that significantly speed up and improve the quality of order processing.

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Ineffective forecasting

The lack of adequate demand forecasting models or recommendation of the best route for couriers forces you to base key calculations on your employees' experiences and assumptions. This leads to situations where goods are out of stock or do not reach customers, generating financial losses. We design advanced demand forecasting and route optimisation models for couriers, which enable optimal stocking of the warehouse and faster delivery to the customer.nn

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What you can gain with our support

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Production and delivery chain optimisation

We use advanced algorithms to optimise your company's key processes - from order creation paths, warehouse placement, preparing stocking for orders, and tracking shipments through complaints handling to invoice generation and quote creation. In this way, we offer you better control over your business.

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Automation of service processes

We prepare and implement tools that will reduce the workload of your staff by automating machine servicing processes. The systems notify you of the status of your equipment, thus reducing the risk of breakdowns or long-term downtime and reminding you of the need for servicing.

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Data integration

We integrate data from the various systems operating in your company and enable easier data exchange between multiple companies. We take care of data quality and implement solutions to optimise their quality. In this way, you gain fast and convenient access to key information, which will save time and increase the productivity of your team.

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Prediction using machine learning

We use machine learning algorithms to create demand predictions that enable you to determine, among other things, how many orders will be placed. We automate the work of your teams, reduce errors on the part of your employees, and ensure that customers receive their orders on the right day.

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