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We support banks and insurance companies in taking their data management to the next level, so that they can take better care of the security and comfort of their customers.

We understand how important it is for companies in the banking and insurance sector to make accurate business decisions on which the trust and security of their customers depend. Among other things, we offer your company system upgrades, advanced predictive analysis, Machine Learning models, and tools to create clear reports - providing access to data you can trust.

Industry problems, that we can help you solve

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Lack of a single data source

Distributed and inconsistent data residing in different systems and an outdated Data Warehouse slow down your company's processes and operations - prolonging report generation and increasing the likelihood of errors. We provide solutions to help you make your customer knowledge more consistent and efficient.

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Low-quality data

Unstructured, low-quality data increases the risk of incorrect business decisions and increases the cost of projects. We offer specialist support at every stage of data management to ensure your business has quick access to clear information.

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Outdated systems

An outdated IT infrastructure makes it difficult to integrate newer technologies and scale operations and reduces the quality of your service delivery. As a business partner, we will guide you through a digital transformation that will accelerate the development of your business and help meet the needs of your customers.

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Lack of a coherent system

Distributed domain systems prevent effective customer identification at company level, resulting in a decrease in quality, efficiency, and speed of service. We offer the implementation of a single database, which contains the so-called Golden Customer Record, containing the most recent data we have on the customer.

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Fraud and data security

Exposure of customer data to threats such as theft, leakage, or use by fraudsters leads to a loss of trust, credibility, and market position. We offer advanced solutions to protect data and prevent fraud.

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What you can gain with our support

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Access to structured data

We build efficient systems that allow you to create a centralised environment. A single source of data for all departments and systems will increase your speed, the quality of reports, and the effectiveness of your key business decisions.

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Increased efficiency

We will enable your company to handle hundreds of simultaneous business projects - even if they have multi-level interrelationships and dependencies - and facilitate, among other things, the exchange of information between branches.

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Single source of data

We build modern and complete Data Warehouses that meet all requirements of reporting, analysis and Data Marts, as well as of report sources optimised for your organisation's needs. This will speed up reporting and eliminate errors.

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We use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to help you detect and prevent fraudulent activity and cybercrime, while keeping your customer service running smoothly at the highest level.

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Increased competitiveness

Access to high-quality data and reports allows you to make accurate business decisions faster, as well as implement more innovative digital solutions more efficiently and cost-effectively. This will help you strengthen your position in the market.

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