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Audit of implemented systems

We audit implemented systems based on Microsoft solutions for performance, security, and compliance with good practices. We offer general analyses of architecture, code, database queries, and component procedures and business paths. Then, we provide a report with an indication of areas for improvement and a repair plan.

Data Warehouse implementation

Data warehouse implementation projects involve the creation of integrated data sets from various domain-specific systems. The data is then subjected to processes such as standardisation, unification, and cleaning for better use and alignment with business requirements. A data warehouse typically serves as the main source of data for the company's reporting environment.

Data Warehouse audits

A data warehouse audit is an examination of the BI ecosystem (i.e. data warehouses and reports) with the aim of investigating the extension of existing solutions with new features. On the one hand, we examine the purely technical aspect - technologies used in your company - to see if they are suitable for processing existing data. On the other hand, we examine the business side. Including your reporting and analytics needs, the challenges business users face in their daily work, and the challenges the organisation faces.

Data Warehouse migration

Migration projects involve moving existing data from one environment to another, usually between competing data processing tools or technologies. Such projects aim to improve efficiency, reduce data processing costs, or avoid technology debt.

Power BI

Business analysis tools such as Power BI meet the requirements of modern and optimised reporting environments in organisations. With its extensive technological capabilities, the tool allows for easy analysis of all aspects of an organisation's business. Its ease of use helps decision-makers to make decisions, measure required business indicators, clarify complex issues, and identify future challenges without having to worry about functional or content limitations. n

Data Warehouse Maintenance

Data warehouse maintenance is a key aspect in the world of data processing. It involves the ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and optimisation of the data warehouse. It is not only about ensuring that data is loaded on time and correctly, but also about monitoring performance to avoid bottlenecks. Effective maintenance ensures that the data warehouse always runs smoothly and meets business requirements.n

Application Integration

Application Integration refers to the process of connecting different applications to each other to enable seamless data exchange and communication. This is key to optimising an organisation's data flow and ensuring real-time information availability. Application integration allows companies to increase productivity and streamline business processes.

Application Development

It is a creative process that involves designing, coding, testing, and implementing applications for mobile devices, web applications, or computer applications. In order to meet specific business requirements. Effective application development allows companies to deliver innovative solutions and keep up with the ever-changing needs of clients.n


DevOps aims to improve the cooperation between development and IT operations. The main goal of DevOps is to accelerate software implementation, improve application stability and reliability, and increase the overall efficiency of the IT organisation. DevOps is an important part of modern software development and allows companies to be more agile and competitive.n

System integration

nWe help our clients integrate various existing systems which incompatibility has led to problems in the flow of information. Integrations enable a smoother flow of data, resulting in better decisions.

Our strengths

Microsoft consulting - We build trust on knowledge and experience

Trust thanks to experience

Our systems have passed many safety and performance audits. We have gained so much trust from clients that we are asked to carry out audits and create repair plans for competitors' products.

Scalable and adaptable

We adapt to your current business needs. We have no problem expanding our team with highly qualified specialists.

Loyalty and security

Loyalty is the most important to us - not only to our clients, but also to our employees. The low turnover rate in Britenet is a proof of our focus on strong relationships. Our commitment to our clients and employees is reflected in long-standing partnerships.

A project in good hands from start to finish

We will guide you through the entire project process - from analysis, programming, implementation, and testing to development and maintenance. We employ experienced teams of Java, .NET, frontend, test, and UX specialists. This ensures that the software you develop is a solution that meets both your and your users' expectations.


Companies all over the world have trusted our knowledge and experience

Cooperation based on 17 years of experience in the IT market, relationships based on trust and commitment. Trusted by more than 200 clients worldwide.


We support your digital development, regardless of the technology you need

You have time to focus on the strategic steps and we will take care of building the technology teams for you.

Support in the digital transformation of your organisation

Optimise your IT infrastructure across multiple technology areas, ensuring efficiency,

cost-effectiveness and the satisfaction of individual departments within your organisation.

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