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As a CIO, enhance your IT operations by effortlessly acquiring top-tier talent and bridging knowledge gaps with specialized expertise. Speed up recruitment cycles and eliminate delays in project initiation and execution. Optimize your budget with flexible, cost-effective solutions, and ensure timely project completion by swiftly onboarding the necessary resources. With access to over 1,000 specialists across Europe, drive your IT strategy forward efficiently and successfully.

IT Nearshoring - ensure optimal development of IT projects


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Outsourcing IT competence centre


Flexible services tailored to your strategic goals

Talent as a service

Perfect for organizations needing:

  • Specialized, proven engineers without expanding internal IT departments
  • Swift project rollout to prevent delays
  • Scalable resources tailored to project demands

Managed Team

Ideal for businesses that prioritize:

  • Concentrating resources on core business goals
  • Delegating IT responsibilities to trusted partners
  • Cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality or service availability

Offshore/Nearshore Delivery Centers

Designed for companies seeking:

  • To establish professional, comprehensive IT teams
  • Scalability in team development to support business growth
  • Efficient recruitment of top-tier professionals
  • Exceptional value with guaranteed data security and confidentiality

Our strenghts

Trust based on knowledge and experience

Industry-specific expertise

We are your ultimate technology partners, serving sectors like insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and government.

Customized cooperation models

With extensive experience across 50 technologies and 1000+ specialists, we craft bespoke solutions ranging from individual consulting to full-spectrum managed services.

Technological agility

Our broad tech expertise ensures we deliver modern, effective solutions across all facets of application and systems maintenance—focused on solving your challenges, not just deploying technology.

Stability and continuity

We minimize team turnover, ensuring uninterrupted service and seamless knowledge transfer within our dedicated teams.

Poland an IT powerhouse

Poland stands out as a global IT powerhouse, boasting over 600,000 highly skilled professionals. Endorsed by the International Data Corporation, Polish programmers are consistently top-ranked globally, reflecting their expertise and excellence.


Global recognition as an IT Partner

Trusted by over 200 multinational clients, we’ve built our reputation on 17+ years of IT excellence, fostering long-term relationships that are as reliable as our technology solutions.

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We support your digital development, whatever technology you need

You have time to focus on the strategic steps and we will take care of building the technology teams for you including Microsoft, Java, Salesforce, UX, Frontend, and many more.

Comprehensive technological support

We manage your digital transformation end-to-end, allowing you to focus on strategic growth while we handle the intricacies of team and technology management across multiple domains, including Microsoft, Java, Salesforce, and more. Explore our nearshoring expertise:

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