IT solutions for Manufacturing
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We modernise systems and implement solutions to speed up production while maintaining excellent cost and quality control.

We provide systems integration services, implement end-user-friendly digital tools, and reduce your company's technological debt. We develop software for innovative solutions to pave the way for sustainability for the manufacturing industry.

Industry problems, that we can help you solve

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Outdated systems

Outdated systems make the implementation of innovative solutions harder, reduce the quality of services provided, and decrease production rates. This causes more and more business problems and a deepening technological debt. We modernise systems to make them easier to maintain and develop and to ensure data security and to effectively guide your business through digital transformation.

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Distributed data

Production processes taking place across different systems and using numerous machines lead to data distribution. This makes it difficult to analyse and exchange data and prevents accurate conclusions from being drawn in business processes. We perform data integration and implement data quality improvement solutions to optimise your company's production processes.

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Incorrect production optimisation

Inadequate forecasting of material or supply requirements causes downtime and financial losses. We implement advanced supply chain automation and production optimisation solutions that, among other things, reduce order lead time and response times to changes in demand.

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Low energy efficiency

Meeting sustainability goals while maintaining production efficiency requires the integration of energy-efficient technologies and optimisation of resource consumption. We create and implement innovative solutions that allow you to grow your business dynamically, provide high quality services, and strengthen your market position while keeping costs under control.

Manufacturing industry - increased performance and optimisation of production processes

Ensure sustainability by using the right IT solutions to make production safer

IT solutions for manufacturing

What you can gain with our support

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Systems development and maintenance

We take care of your company's IT infrastructure - we update, improve, and monitor the software used in the machines, take care of the performance of existing systems, and implement new solutions and technology to equalise the technological debt. Through code refactoring, we optimise production processes, minimise the occurrence of errors, and enable the dynamic digital transformation of your company.n

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Optimisation of consumables

We use advanced solutions to optimise the manufacturing process. We enable your company to forecast material requirements, reduce production times, and support sustainability by reducing waste and implementing ecological solutions.

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Efficient production management

We implement solutions to manage your data more efficiently - we integrate, clean, and improve the quality of your data, so you can manage your resources more effectively and produce on time. We implement and develop systems to improve quality control and comprehensive supply chain monitoring.

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Systems integration

We take care of system integration, offering you easy and quick access to high quality data in one place. With integrated systems and the use of advanced analytics, you can improve the accuracy of production and supply chain forecasting. Based on reliable data, you will make accurate business decisions and your team will save time on, for example, consumables amount analysis.

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