Software testing & Quality Assurance
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Implement efficient IT systems that meet the needs of your team and users. Study the quality of the systems you develop with experienced testers.

Our experts are at the same time the first users of the created systems, because they understand the business requirements. We help to answer questions such as whether the application will meet user expectations, whether it is intuitive, and whether the business objectives have been met, including ensuring user quality.

QA/Testing: Efficient tests for reliable software quality




ISTQB Certifications


Salesforce QA Specialists


SFDC Certifications

Tester for the error analysis of IT systems


Explore a wide range of tests to ensure the highest quality of your software

Automated tests

We design and implement automation that is easy to maintain. Our experience in automating web, API, desktop, and mobile applications ensures that we match the chosen solution to your project. The tools we use are: Selenium, Cucumber, TestComplete, Ranorex, Appium, Cypress and RestAssured, Playwright.

Manual testing

Certified experts test applications according to good practices. Our work is not limited to checking compliance with requirements and producing a report. Based on extensive knowledge and experience, we pay attention to performance, ease of use, intuitiveness, and accessibility (in accordance with WCAG) in testing.

Performance tests

We carry out performance tests, simulating data traffic of up to hundreds of thousands of users. In the report we produce, it will be easy to identify any limitations and problems. The tools we use include jMeter, Locust, and Gatling.

Test management

For large-scale projects, it is important to choose the right strategy and prepare a test plan to appropriately manage project and product risks. Proper coordination of the testing process ensures that business-critical features are always tested and risks are minimised.

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