Breaking through market barriers – overcome problems in the process of digital transformation

Breaking through market barriers – overcome problems in the process of digital transformation

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Facing challenges such as a shortage of skilled professionals, the absence of a reliable IT partner, and the hazards associated with incorrect technology selections can significantly hinder your business's digital advancement. Are you equipped to tackle these critical external obstacles effectively? Discover actionable tips and strategies to boost and secure your digital expansion.

Key takeaways from this article

  • Selecting the optimal collaboration model enhances your ability to adapt and scale your IT team, ensuring agility in response to changing demands.
  • Consultation before choosing the best suited technology reduces the risk of technological debt.
  • Trustworthy reviews and testimonials from case studies will make it easier to find a trusted IT partner.

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Three critical challenges should be addressed: the scarcity of IT specialists, the complexity of selecting the right technological solutions, and the difficulty of finding a dependable IT partnership.

First problem: workforce management in times of shortage of skilled IT specialists

According to numerous statistical studies, the shortage of IT specialists in Europe is growing steadily and will continue to grow every year. More and more large and medium-sized companies are struggling to find experts. This is slowing down the digital transformation of each company, prolonging the implementation of projects and increasing their cost.

How to deal with this problem?

With the support of an experienced IT partner, you can quickly gain the support of experts who will not only accelerate the project but also point the way to the optimal development of your entire IT department. The solution? Strengthen your in-house IT team with competent specialists who will efficiently adapt to the needs of the project and the company. Check out how we have supported companies in industries such as banking and insurance.

Where to look for IT professionals with business experience?

Poland would be an excellent choice if you want to work with an IT team with business experience. The country has one of the largest pools of IT professionals – around 400,000 – in Central Europe, a high rate of digital competitiveness, and a well-developed education system – around 70,000 students a year studying technical subjects in Poland. This makes Poland one of the best places in Europe for IT cooperation.

Cooperation models IT outsourcing

Second problem: the search for a technology that will transform the company

The wrong choice of technology or the ill-considered pursuit of technological trends exposes companies to increasing technological debt and accumulating problems, protracted projects, and unnecessary costs. All of this contributes to slowing the growth of the company and causes losses in the race for customer attention and loyalty.

How do our experts help with technology selection?

The fundamental step in selecting a set of technologies and platforms for a project is understanding their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to proactively analyze any scenario for the use of a given technology in a project, including development opportunities or access to experts specialising in the solution, as well as the cost of maintaining it, which can double the cost of the project over the next few years.

Instead of focusing on fashion and getting into the "latest" and "best" technologies every year, it is better to focus on choosing the right solutions to fit your needs. The truth is that the latest technologies don't solve all problems. Only the well-chosen ones do. They are the ones that will serve you well and will not go out of fashion for a long time.

Łukasz Nienartowicz, Head of Business Intelligence

Check out what our expert says about chasing technological fashion.

Businesses ought not to excessively prioritize trends that attract the most attention. Singular attention to overly hyped trends risks overlooking the substantial value potential of alternative technologies, thereby obstructing the opportunity for purposeful skill development. Rather, companies aiming for sustained growth should concentrate on a diversified investment strategy encompassing the tech trends most pertinent to their operations.

Third problem: finding the most suited IT partner for your company

The process of finding a proven IT partner is extremely time-consuming and requires a comprehensive screening of candidates. Haste and poor preparation in the search for the right partner increase the risk of problems you will have to deal with for years to come.

How to deal with this problem?

If you want to find a reliable and trustworthy IT partner, start using business platforms that collect verified reviews and ratings of companies on their technology partners and the effectiveness of completed projects. One of the largest such platforms is Clutch - a site that is visited by hundreds of thousands of suppliers and customers from all over the world every month. A simple and quick way to start and test cooperation and build trust would be to entrust a partner with a smaller IT project – which can open the way to long-term cooperation and tremendous support in the digitalisation process.

Delivery Center for the world's leading company in leasing passenger aircraft - watch  VIDEO

Initiating partnerships with new clients typically begins with a preliminary service offer to gauge compatibility and expertise. For instance, in a recent partnership with a logistics company, we suggested a Data Warehouse audit as a first step, even though they were keen on embarking on a Business Intelligence project. As a result, the client received a sample of our capabilities - learned about the competencies and experience of our experts.

Magdalena Jagiello, Director of International, Retail & Logistics Services

Accelerate your business growth with the support of a trusted IT partner

IT outsourcing partner

Learn more about Where and how to look for reliable outsourcing partners?


With the dynamic technological changes taking place, the increasing demand for specialised IT experts is key to conducting a safe and successful digital transformation. Therefore, choosing a solid IT partner is crucial. Supported by expertise, experience, and a wide pool of experts, you can meet the biggest challenges of today with a high degree of control over your budget.

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