A higher level in management thanks to Salesforce implementation

A higher level in management thanks to Salesforce implementation

case study - CRM Salesforce

The client did not have a single system for easy management of its clients' data and other information important for its projects. The data held by our Client was scattered and located in various databases and files. In addition, the Client was looking for a tool to quickly and easily create emails and send them in an automated manner to a selected group of recipients. The main goal of the project was to implement a solution that would allow the client to import its own data into one common database, and later integrate it with solutions created in WordPress and conveniently view the organization's financial data.


The project team prepared a solution running on the Salesforce platform with an additional Nonprofit Success Pack installed. Thanks to the solution used, the client gained the ability to store all information related to the organization in a single, structured database. The project involved designing a data model for the foundation and recreating it on the Salesforce platform. The project involved providing a mechanism for importing data from all external sources that the institute had maintained to date.

Another important part of the solution was the correspondence module. Humanites Institute has a very broad base of partners with whom it keeps in constant contact, so this was a very important part of the project. The key element was to accumulate the information used by the institute into one coherent place easily accessible to every employee of the foundation. The project, of course, also had an organizational part, which consisted of creating a representation of system users with the appropriate level of access. The solution was executed as previously envisioned.


A full database model was prepared in the CRM, which contained all the necessary historical data needed by the Client, and because it is scalable, this will make it easier to use in the future. As a result, the Client gained the ability to generate all kinds of reports for project managers and management, which significantly reduced the workload of individual team members.

In addition, an advanced platform available to all employees was made available to the client. On the other hand, integration with the online store allowed monitoring finances for incoming orders. A component was also created to automate the sending of personalized messages to a specific group of recipients. Thanks to the implementation of Salesforce in the organization, the client has entered a higher level in managing the data of its clients, projects, programs and finances.

Technologies and tools used
  • The solution was fully executed on Salesforce platform. 
  • The logic was written in Apex and Javascript.
Customer: Humanites Institute

The Humanites Institute is a non-profit organization supporting the development of society and social capital and its transformation in the face of global trends, particularly the effects of the Technological Revolution. Its best-known programs are: Two Hours for the Family, APLO and Business Leaders Conferences.

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