System to manage the document processing processes of financial institutions

System to manage the document processing processes of financial institutions

case study - process management IT systems for financial

Among the challenges our team faced in implementing the project were:

  • Improving the implementation of processes to handle the production data flow for issuing payment cards and processing information on transactions made with these cards.
  • Enabling the handling of hundreds of concurrent business projects that may have various types of multi-level interrelationships and dependencies.
  • Introduce standardization of the creation and operation of the above-mentioned business processes, with wide possibilities of modification of performed operations for individual process steps.
  • Perform reverse engineering on an archaic system without the presence of documentation, along with analysis of solutions and elimination of undesirable behavior.

Implementing a new version of a system that automates the exchange of information between banks and our client's systems and other external services. This is one of the key systems. The main part of the system is the logic of exchange and processing of data transferred in file form, implemented using dedicated BPMN processes. In addition, the system has a management part with a browser interface to manage and supervise the automated execution of processes.


New processes are built from off-the-shelf components, which significantly reduces the time to prepare a set of processes for a new bank. Processes are customized for the specific needs and existing interfaces of a given bank, which means that the bank does not need to do additional work on its side as part of its integration with the system. Individual processes consist of a series of consecutive logical processing steps, which makes it easy to modify their logic. The system is much more customized than ready-made "boxed" solutions.

Technologies and tools

jBPMN; JAVA; Oracle DB; Bootstrap 4 in Angular.

Our client is a global corporation that provides a range of technology solutions and integrates the information systems of financial institutions including banks and clearing operators.

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