Comparison of the best CRM systems available on the market

Comparison of the best CRM systems available on the market

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Potential customers are increasing, their needs are constantly changing, and competitors are not sleeping and are looking for solutions to win the battle for consumer interest. The ideal solution for many companies will be a CRM. But which of the available systems should you choose? In the article we have compiled 5 of the most well-known CRM class systems in Poland. These are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot, ZOHO and Insightly.

What is a CRM system and why should it be implemented?

Currently, business awareness of CRM systems is much higher than it was just a few years ago. Many companies are opting for specialized solutions that are a real answer to the needs of their business. CRM solutions put in the hands of the sales department functionalities that increase, among other things, knowledge of the customer and his needs. They also enable personalized communication and the creation of more effective marketing activities. CRM systems are also tools that allow us to put in order the data we have, the proper use of which will allow us to increase competitiveness. CRM is basically a necessity today. The choice also depends on the cost of CRM implementation. There are many attractive systems on the market that can meet the needs of any business. The key, however, is to choose the right tool most suited to the needs of the company. As CRM experts, we compile what we believe are the 5 best systems available on the market.

The best CRM system on the market - Check out Salesforce CRM

Among the most popular and well-known CRM systems is certainly Salesforce. It has already been one of the leading CRM tools on the market for years, with more than a million users. This year Salesforce became the largest provider of business applications in the world, reaching $7.72 billion in revenue and overtaking the well-known application SAP on the market (especially in Europe). Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based solution, so team members can access it anytime and from anywhere in the world. Salesforce supports all relevant zones in the company - including sales, services, maintenance, marketing and analytics.

Salesforce's CRM - Sales Cloud gives us a variety of possibilities: among the most important we can include: the possibility of hosting in the cloud, which allows for increased speed and security while reducing costs. The application is compatible with all major browsers, which further increases the freedom and flexibility of use. The tool also has the ability to significantly expand its functionality through the use of additional modules such as Service, Marketing, Commerce and others - in total there are 12 comprehensive products available to users, which together constitute Salesforce Customer 360.

Salesforce CRM is supported not only by customer management itself, but also by a built-in lead generation tool, a wide range of e-mail templates to choose from, a bulk e-mail option, customer support in multiple languages and currencies, a calendar system with history, event history, file repositories or an advanced reporting module.

What may discourage users, especially small companies, from choosing Salesforce CRM is the rather high cost of the full version of the tool. On the other hand, for larger companies that send large volumes of emails every day, the daily limits on emails, which can be 1,000 or 260 emails per day, depending on the plan chosen, may prove to be a hindrance.

Salesforce CRM advantages - disadvantages

The best CRM system available on the market - Check out Microsoft Dynamics

Among the best CRM systems available on the market today, Microsoft Dynamics should certainly be mentioned. The cloud-based solution launched in 2016 by Microsoft offers users comprehensive management of all key areas of the company - including not only marketing and customer service, but also production or supply chain.

In favor of the solution offered by Microsoft is its high adaptability to business needs, constant updates and an interface for quick access to information. Like other popular Microsoft Office tools, the Microsoft Dynamics system interacts with programs such as Outlook and Excel, and allows you to use all features on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. This makes it a tool that offers a convenient way to work from anywhere and on any device, while guaranteeing security of use.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a wide range of functionality to significantly improve the operations of the company's key departments - sales, marketing and customer service. However, the system has a rather high cost of implementation and upgrades, and the use of the system requires a lot of technical knowledge from users.

MS Dynamics CRM

The best CRM system available on the market - Meet Zoho

The list of top CRM systems available on the market could not miss Zoho, a CRM system that allows advanced analytics through data integration. Zoho gives its users the ability to manage performance with functionalities such as reporting, sales forecasting and gamification. Teams, through the sales building tool and processing rules, also gain the ability to manage specific stages of the sales process more effectively. What's more, Zoho CRM makes it much easier for salespeople to make key decisions based on a customer profile, thanks to a sales assistant that is supported by artificial intelligence.

One of the main advantages of the system is the possibility to use the free version, while all available price plans are relatively inexpensive. However, it should be remembered that Zoho CRM is a system primarily focused on supporting the work of small teams, allowing to increase the quality of customer service without generating high costs.


The best CRM systems available on the market - Is it worth choosing HubSpot?

HubSpot is another popular and well-respected CRM system to be included. The tool enables companies to effectively manage marketing, post-sales and customer service processes. The system is a great solution primarily because of its ability to track customer behavior at all stages of the sales process. This allows each area of the company to tailor its activities to the needs of the customer - in effect improving the quality of after-sales services

The system also offers the ability to send personalized e-mails free of charge and track results, thanks to analytical reports. Users can also expect to better organize and manage contacts by connecting and synchronizing their CRM with their email inbox. Also worth mentioning among HubSpot's benefits are live chat and chatbots, a form builder to capture prospect information, an intuitive interface and ad management tools. HubSpot also has a free plan that offers numerous attractive features.

Hub Spot CRM

The 5 best CRM systems? Why should you choose Insightly?

Insightly is a state-of-the-art CRM platform that supports business growth by building strong and lasting relationships with existing customers and acquiring new ones. This highly scalable and customizable tool enables companies to easily and conveniently automate the email process, monitor team performance and sales velocity, and track the most relevant information about potential customers. Working with Insightly is further facilitated by access to attractive email templates and integration with numerous applications such as Gmail, Mailchimp, Dropbox and Outlook.

The tool is an attractive solution for small businesses - it is one of the cheapest software solutions available, plus it offers users a 14-day free trial period. The use of the system itself is extremely simple - as the application has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and built-in tutorials make using the software very easy. Insightly's drawbacks may be its customer support, which functions only in English, and its lack of local deployment or live chat support.

Insightly CRM


The variety of CRM systems available on the market allows us to choose the right solution for our business needs. However, it is worth remembering that a multitude of functionalities or an attractive price is not everything. Equally important is to match the system to the company's business objectives or the problems we want to solve. Before making a decision, it is worth analyzing all the most important aspects. You can also trust the experts - thanks to the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, we have been helping our customers to implement solutions and get the highest profits by investing in new solutions.

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