Customer portal for a transport company

First phase of the project: Creation of a Customer Portal for a transport company

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Customer portal Case Study


The first stage of the project carried out for Rohlig Suus was to lay the foundations for an advanced ICT system to support our client's decision-making process in terms of multi-product cooperation. At this stage, the key idea was to improve the company's communication with its customers and provide them with direct access to data in a modern, transparent, and easy-to-use Customer Portal.

The solution for the end user – in this case the Rohlig Suus customer – is fully personalised. The customer can configure the Portal settings according to their own needs and preferences within the administration portal. Our aim was to prepare the Customer Portal in such a way that it presents the service of the product owned by the user – at the same time not cutting off access to other products, so that the user using the service always sees all the interesting products and services on offer. In addition, the structure of the products and services itself has become more flexible and allows for easy reconfiguration in order to fully adapt to dynamic market changes.

The Customer Portal has been tailored to the role of the specific user, in such a way that it wisely guides them through all processes and supports the tasks they carry out. The solution created guarantees the company a high degree of flexibility – both in terms of the future development of the portal and the prioritisation of products – so that the solution can be adapted to changing market needs. In addition, the Customer Portal is characterised by a high degree of modularity, so that it can be easily adapted to the needs of users and supports the presentation of the full product range – even if the user has only one product.

In order to make the application as easy to use as possible, we have provided users with a high degree of transparency. The portal clearly communicates the contact channels, indicates the correct contact persons according to the customers' needs and directs them to the appropriately planned forms. In addition, all additional services are clearly and strongly communicated at each stage of the user's work with the application and for the various user roles in the process. When the customer logs in to the Portal, they are provided with a range of features to carry out all operations.

Crucial to the success of the project was the creation of a site that was easy enough to use and contained all the necessary tools so that users could be completely self-sufficient and did not need to contact Customer Service.

The basic service structure consists of different options for logged-in and non-logged-in customers.


The project was implemented in the following stages:

  • Design, installation, configuration and parameterisation of a fully functional System fulfilling the requirements described in the contract;
  • Implementation of a backup copies subsystem within the System;
  • Creating and delivering design documentation and technical documentation including source codes;
  • Applying adopted graphic design assumptions, adapting front-end to the assumptions of desktop and mobile versions according to the prepared mockups;
  • Making particular elements of the System available for testing in a development version and providing test scripts;
  • Production launch of the system, including fulfilment of the required system integrations with internal systems;
  • Preparing hardware and software environments of the System;
  • Providing support to the Contracting Authority during System testing;
  • Conducting the main employee training on the System operation;
  • Performing other duties and services, including assisting in the preparation of a description of the subject of the order for the servers on which the System will be installed, and presenting a recommended technical infrastructure;
  • Providing implementation assistance services.


Rohlig Suus is an expert in the logistics industry and a leader in the German international transport market. The company was founded in 1852, and in the second half of the 20th century built a strong international network of customers all over the world. Currently, the company's business is focused on providing intelligent logistics solutions and strengthening its position in the market of sea and air freight services. Our client also provides services for a customs agency, as well as Project Cargo for non-standard and oversized cargo.


Logistics and transportation

Cooperation model 

Britenet is delivering the project in the Fixed Price model. The estimated team size is eight people.

On the contractor's side there is a team including an analyst and a product owner.

Technologies and tools 

  • Java 11, SpringBoot 2, PostgreSQL, Keycloak, Docker, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, Quartz, Thymeleaft, Soap
  • GUI of the Customer Portal , ReactJs, VanillaJS, Redux, ReactKeycloak, HTML/SCSS, JWToken, Ngix

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