Better functionality specifically for gamers

Better functionality specifically for gamers


Our client has successfully provided lottery solutions to the world's largest customers for many years. Changing laws have forced the company to pay more attention to responsible entertainment and player welfare. The goal of the project was to update the lottery system Player Services Management which is one of the subsystems of our client's main video department product. This system allows players to log in to slot machines and provides access to a number of features offered. The system upgrade was dictated by the need to adapt to regulatory requirements, changing technology standards and players' growing demands for the visual layer and usability of the application. One of the main challenges was to run the PSM application on two separate terminal monitors - the two screens needed to be fully synchronized, and any function introduced had to take this synchronization into account, necessitating the creation of additional code.


In order to meet the growing demands of customers, users, and legal and technological changes in the market, work on the system was divided into several stages:

  • Creation of a main module constituting a user base - other modules such as limit management or account management could communicate with this module.
  • Implement a loyalty system that gives users the ability to accumulate points and spend them.
  • Implementation of the Cashless system - the system introduced a user's wallet, which can be recharged and then used to power gaming machines. The recharging is done mainly through bank transfers - at one customer, the system was enhanced with the ability to make payments directly from the phone.
  • Introducing the possibility of logging in to the system via a mobile application on the phone - players gained the ability to log in to slot machines and access a number of offered functions from the application they were already using.
  • Adaptation of the system to the requirements of RODO.
  • Not only the PSM, but also the entire INTELLIGEN system has been updated.

The hardware upgrade allowed the use of newer solutions in the implementation of the user interface. As a result, players received more visually appealing game visuals, which in terms of the quality of graphical effects began to match systems at the level of smartphone applications. The usability of the system has also been increased - players can now focus on their tasks arising from the gameplay itself. Meanwhile, the system will take care of the limits they set, as well as the functions and information they need.

Technologies and tools used 

Java 8/11, REST API, Soap WS, WebSocket, Spring, Hibernate, CSS3, HTML5, Angular, DB2, CI/CD.

Our client is part of a multinational corporation that designs and develops innovative systems and solutions for the entertainment industry sector.

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