Tips on how to build a successful partnership with a nearshoring partner

Tips on how to build a successful partnership with a nearshoring partner

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Finding the right partner for nearshoring cooperation is only the first step to success. The next important step is to prepare properly for working together on the project, in such a way as to achieve the most satisfactory results. Starting nearshoring cooperation with a new partner may initially raise some concerns and questions. In this situation, it is worth remembering a few basic aspects that will allow us to establish and maintain smooth communication. Here are some tips on how to build a successful collaboration with a nearshoring partner.

Nearshoring partner and its importance

There is great potential in nearshoring cooperation. However, in order to take full advantage of it, it is imperative that we keep in mind several important aspects related to the formation of the relationship with our partner. One of the most important considerations is to properly define our relationship. The moment we start working together, we gain a PARTNER. We should share the same goals and pursue them in the best possible way.

Companies focused on outsourcing are primarily looking for partners with whom they can jointly strive for effective implementation of the task. This approach allows confrontation of expectations with the experience of specialists, which will translate into the final result. In this model of cooperation, both parties will be able to take full advantage of each other's capabilities, and the cooperation will naturally aim to find the best possible solutions. Treating your partner as an equivalent member of the project, rather than a subcontractor, will increase their involvement and thus affect the effectiveness of our communication.

Technology and cultural proximity

One of the most important factors contributing to successful cooperation is the choice of a partner with technology departments that can respond to both the client's needs and ours. It is very important to distinguish between outsourcing companies, which are so-called "body shops", and companies with extensive IT departments, structures, and experts on board. Of course, we can minimize the cost of outsourcing by reaching for an ordinary company that rents programmers, but it is important to be aware of what we can expect from such a form of cooperation. Comprehensive outsourcing partners will help your company through difficult changes and implementations, as well as improve the quality of your products. It is also worth noting that more and more companies are choosing to replace offshoring with nearshoring services. This is because this strategy provides them with better access to engineers, reduces travel problems, and allows them to work in the same time zones, while cultural proximity greatly helps in day-to-day cooperation.

Clear needs, goals and service roles

Another important aspect that facilitates building successful cooperation with a nearshoring partner is to present clear needs and goals at the very beginning of cooperation. At the same time it is worth remembering that the presentation of expectations should not be limited only to the final product, but may also concern the form and course of communication, the type of relationship, readiness to solve problems and openness to suggestions, changes and out-of-the-box solutions. Communicating clear and specific needs to the partner will significantly facilitate adaptation to the style of work and requirements of the new project.

Experienced Nearshoring Partner will probably recommend bi-weekly status meetings, quality award system, and semi-annual feedback sessions. What is more, you can expect roles such as HR Business Partner, Site Manager, and Customer Success Manager present in your customer journey. For specialized nearshoring partners, such cooperation add ons are standard procedures.

Accessibility and communication when dealing with a nearshoring partner

Another important element in building successful nearshoring cooperation is transparent communication. It is crucial during all stages of establishing and maintaining a satisfying relationship - from the moment of selecting an attractive partner, to communicating needs and responding quickly to problems, to building trust and long-term cooperation. Communication is such an important aspect of cooperation that it is worth remembering to be transparent even on the most obvious levels. Important among other things:

  • choosing the right language for the project - this is a particularly important decision in nearshoring cooperation, we should choose a language that will ensure free and effective communication for both parties,
  • Determine the channel and frequency of communication - setting periodic meetings and regular updates on work progress or changes in expectations will make it much easier to maintain control over the project,
  • Identify a network of contacts - your partner needs to know who he should communicate with in case of questions, minor or major problems, or additional consultations.

Be a "transparent person" - openness and honesty

It is important to remember that one of the guarantees of transparent and effective communication is honesty and openness. When starting nearshoring cooperation, we count on being kept informed of all problems, inconveniences and new opportunities that are sure to arise during the project. The right partner will share all relevant information with us - suggest other solutions, share knowledge, and even choose to make critical comments. Therefore, we too should offer our partner sincerity and assure him of our openness to all suggestions and proposals. In this way, our activities will move smoothly toward a satisfactory conclusion, while along the way we will avoid disappointments or unpleasant surprises.

Flexibility - be open to suggestions and changes

Our ambitious goals and plans cannot always survive a clash with reality. In addition, the fresh perspective and experience of our partner can significantly affect the shape of our project. Besides, it is worth remembering that on the way to realizing the goal numerous obstacles and problems await us, the bypassing or solving of which will require major changes. Therefore, flexibility is very important in nearshoring cooperation. The ideal partner will use his knowledge and experience to provide us with the best solutions to problems that arise or suggest improvements to the project. Often these will be proposals that will clearly change our initial idea. It is worth being prepared for potential changes and open to suggestions, as these can have a positive impact on the processes carried out.

Ensure a good atmosphere with your project team

If you have ensured efficient and transparent communication, are open to changes and suggestions, and have clearly presented your needs and goals, you can be sure that the nearshoring cooperation with your new partner will be really successful. However, there is another aspect that should not be underestimated. A good atmosphere with the project team can have a huge impact on the approach to tasks and the efficiency of activities. A friendly atmosphere, combined with the above tips, will make it easier to build trust, raise the satisfaction of your colleagues and allow you to achieve high results. Cooperation in an attractive environment will also be important in shaping transparent communication and maintaining openness, and most importantly, it will encourage your partner to seek and propose attractive solutions. 


Nearshoring cooperation has numerous advantages, and a properly selected partner is a guarantee of quality service. However, it is worth remembering that by following the above tips, we can build a successful relationship that will facilitate the achievement of our goals. Meanwhile, the results of a well-organized cooperation may even exceed our initial expectations.

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