Aviation industry sets its sights on growth

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The previous two years were a challenging and testing period for the aviation industry, which verified a lot. Now the area is recovering, and companies are doing their best to make up for the losses of the past two years. This is helped by business partnerships with IT companies, which, thanks to advanced IT systems, are able to help optimize processes and thus help recover from the crisis. AerCap, the world's largest lessor of passenger aircraft, has just signed such a partnership agreement with Britenet.

The global aviation market is just recovering from the crisis caused by the events of the last two years - the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. IATA's research shows that domestic traffic now stands at only 13% less than in the record year of 2019, while international traffic is 70% of the level of that time.

New opportunities and growth prospects 

The year 2022 is a time for the aviation industry to embark on new projects and collaborations to make up for the losses and recover from the crisis it experienced. The experience gained during this time is an extremely valuable resource, creates new opportunities and is the perfect time to develop and fill niches in the market. AerCap has recognized this, and an international tender, to support the development of its applications and systems, has been signed by Britenet.

Industry giant chooses Poland

AerCap is the world's largest lessor of a wide range of aircraft, helicopters and related services, based in Dublin. The company became the world's largest leasing company after acquiring International Lease Finance Corporation in 2014 and then GE CAS from General Electric in 2021. Britenet, which has been operating in the IT market for more than 16 years, will have a significant role in the development of applications and IT systems for AerCap.

Thanks to winning an international tender, a company from the aviation industry joins our wide range of clients. This fills us with great pride and optimism - the plans we undertook many years ago to internationalize the Polish company Britenet have long ceased to be plans and have become reality. I am convinced that our engineers will have a significant impact not only on the development of AerCap, but also on the entire avionics industry worldwide. summarizes Tomasz Dziki, Executive VP & Owner, who signed Britenet's cooperation agreement with AerCap .

Polish companies confident partners

Poland has for many years been chosen by multinational companies as the location for their IT service centers. The banking, pharmaceutical, automotive, avionics, new technology and many other sectors employ thousands of IT engineers in Poland.

Britenet is one of the few companies that are getting out in front of this trend, and we are the ones reaching out to Customers who may be interested in nearshoring/offshoring services. In 2022 we won several international tenders for the construction of dedicated Delivery Centers for Customers from Israel, Ireland, or the UK. - Michal Tomasik, Business Unit Director at Britenet, recalls. Competing with international companies and, above all, winning against the local suppliers of our clients from Spain, Romania, the UK or Ireland is something that shows our preparation, market knowledge, professionalism and, above all, international quality. Maintaining this trend by our company is one of the goals for the coming years. - He adds.

Identifying needs

Part of the start of the cooperation is a workshop on identifying project needs, held at the client's IT Centers. Britenet Technology Managers responsible for project implementation went to Ireland, the headquarters of AerCap. They will familiarize themselves with the Client's systems and expectations, as well as get to know the Client from the inside - its structures, projects, executives and managers, and establish relationships.

A visit directly to our client is the best solution we could undertake. Only in this way are we able to get to know best not only the client himself, but also his needs, so that we can propose actions and prepare teams tailored perfectly to his needs. Such meetings are also very important from the perspective of establishing relationships with the client's team, which is crucial for long-term cooperation. reports Daniel Wojcikowski, who is responsible for the cooperation, acting as Senior Project Manager/Site Manager.

Britenet today has branches in Warsaw, Poznan, Kielce, Bialystok, Katowice, Lodz and Gdansk, and is preparing to open in Wroclaw and Krakow. The company has been present in Lublin since 2008. In addition, it is in the provincial capital where the administrative, office and human resources departments serving offices throughout Poland are located.

About Britenet

Britenet has been in business since 2006 and currently employs more than 1,000 specialists. It implements domestic and international projects in dozens of technologies, including for such industries as finance and banking, insurance, telecommunications, automotive, FMCG, as well as the public sector. Britenet experts effectively guide their clients through the entire project process - from analysis, testing, development, implementation, to support and maintenance of systems. Projects are carried out in modern competence centers in Lublin, Warsaw, Kielce, Poznan and Bialystok, or at Partners' offices. Britenet also has offices in Gdansk, Lodz, Krakow, Katowice and Wroclaw, as well as a branch in Germany, in M√∂nchengladbach. 

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