Why is IT nearshoring between Germany and Poland worthwhile?

Why is IT nearshoring between Germany and Poland worthwhile?

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The development of information technology, and especially the possibility of remote work, is contributing to changes in the dynamics of labor market relations. For companies and employees, national borders and distances cease to matter. Local markets are beginning to intertwine, and international cooperation is gaining importance. Employers can look for specialists in different parts of the country or abroad, while employees can offer their skills to companies from all over the world. One result of these changes is the emergence of the nearshoring cooperation model. It carries many benefits, primarily within the IT industry - as Polish and German companies are increasingly finding out.

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring cooperation is nothing more than outsourcing to countries geographically or culturally close to a given company. Nearshoring allows the creation of effective and easy-to-maintain contacts without having to take into account cultural differences or time zones in the work system. Cooperation with nearby countries brings many advantages, and additionally offsets the difficulties arising from a different approach to work organization. This model of interaction has developed particularly strongly in Eastern European countries, which now offer high-quality services and experienced IT professionals.

Nearshoring cooperation with German companies

The potential of the model and the capabilities of Polish specialists are recognized primarily by our western neighbors. Until a few years ago, German companies expressed little interest in outsourcing. Recently, market trends have begun to change, and German companies have quickly found themselves among the top European countries most willing to outsource. The steadily increasing confidence in outsourcing could mean a significant increase in interest in other collaboration models - including nearshoring - in the near future. Research conducted by Whitelane Research shows that out of a group of 450 outsourcing contracts, in as many as 73% of cases, respondents announce that they will choose to continue working together in this model - to the same or even greater extent. What's more, the research indicates that projects completed in the framework of nearshoring cooperation are characterized by a high quality score.

Why outsource to Poland?

One of the most popular directions for establishing nearshoring cooperation is Poland. Among the main reasons in favor of cooperation with Polish IT partners are: constant development of the industry and quick adaptation to changes and market needs, extensive experience and attractive value for money of the services offered. Poland has undergone major transformations in recent decades, which have had a significant impact on, among other things, the development of technology. Currently, Polish companies offer excellent conditions for nearshoring within the IT industry. The numerous advantages of cooperation should be particularly attractive especially to German companies.

Main advantages of nearshoring cooperation between Poland and Germany

  • Highly qualified specialists - Polish programmers are considered among the best not only in Europe, but also in the world. This is primarily due to the developed education system. In Poland, about 300,000 students a year are educated in technical fields. This means that every year about 15 thousand young and trained workers enter the labor market.
  • Experience - many Polish companies have extensive experience in working with foreign clients. An additional advantage is that Polish specialists are faced with a wide range of requirements, so programmers can easily find their way around different projects.
  • Attractive price/quality ratio - prices for services and software in Poland are still low. At the same time, experience and broad competence of specialists guarantee high quality products.
  • Geographical and cultural proximity - the geographical location and cultural proximity of Poland, guarantee German partners ease of establishing and maintaining contacts and a similar way of doing things.
  • Easy communication - a common time zone and no language barriers make communication smooth, effective and transparent. It is worth mentioning that Poland and Germany rank high in the ranking of countries with the best English language skills in the world, while German is increasingly required in many Polish companies.

With whom is it best to establish a nearshoring partnership and why is it Britenet?

Britenet is a company that has been operating on the Polish and foreign IT market for more than 15 years. It is one of the most attractive candidates for nearshoring cooperation with German companies. Among Britenet's greatest advantages are not only the high quality of services, experience and attractive offer, but also factors that guarantee easy, efficient and convenient communication.


The specialists working at Britenet focus primarily on building trust, so that the customer can be sure that he is working with a partner who is long-term, committed and ready to solve any problems. Examples of careful trust-building are the partnerships with IGT or Mastercard, which have lasted for 13-15 years. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Britenet in recent years has earned the trust of the most demanding public institutions in Poland. The company has completed projects for the Ministry of Digitization, the Ministry of Finance, CSIOZ and PGE, among others.

Experience and growth mindset

With more than 15 years of operation in the Polish and international IT market, the company has gained experience that guarantees the highest level of services. At the same time Britenet constantly strives to develop its capabilities, improve team management and take on new tasks and challenges. The desire to present an attractive and comprehensive offer to potential partners makes the company decide to constantly look for new solutions and enter new areas.


Over the years, Britenet has prepared several standard solutions used in establishing partnerships with customers. They provide an attractive basis for partnership discussions. At the same time, the company is mindful of the individuality of its customers - it respects their needs, the way they operate and their expectations regarding the way they communicate and the direction of development.

Convenient location and easy communication

One of Britenet's main advantages for establishing cooperation with German companies is its convenient location and ability to maintain easy communication. Britenet is an international company with extensive experience, which has attractively located offices in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Lublin, Kielce, Bialystok and Poznan. For German companies interested in potential nearshoring cooperation, it is Britenet's branch located in Poznan that will be one of the significant advantages. Convenient location close to the border and convenient transport links will significantly facilitate communication and ensure closer contact. A highway trip from Berlin to Poznan can take as little as 3 hours. Additional facilitation is provided by attractive air connections, among others: from Düsseldorf - the flight to Poznan will take only 1.5 hours. Britenet also has a branch in Mönchengladbach, which will further improve the quality, ease and transparency of communication between German partners and Britenet.

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